The first thing you need to be able to do if you wish to cultivate your sexual energy is to relax.

The reason so many men find it difficult to stop ejaculating is their bodies are very tense, especially if sex is a risky adventure. Although these experiences offer an adrenaline rush, they also increase tension throughout the body, making it very difficult to relax and enjoy the experience fully. 

Take a deep breath. Did your shoulders rise up? If so, then you would benefit from breathing ‘into your belly’. 

Begin by pulling the belly in when you exhale. Do this the next time you exhale. You’ll notice there was a lot more air left in your lungs after a regular breath, if you pulled your belly in strongly. Practice this for few rounds of breathing and you will begin to notice that your inhales become deeper as well. 

Now your belly breathing! Flesh it out and allow your belly to completely relax and expand on your inhales, while gently contracting on the exhales. 

Although simple, this practice is not easy, as it requires you to keep doing it for it be effective.

The more practiced you become, the more you can breath deeper, and slower, even into your balls, feeling them lift as you exhale.

This takes the energy from where it more easily goes, higher up into your body, to access full body orgasms.

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