Circular Breathing

Once you have some control over your pelvic floor, you may be able to feel energy build at the base of our spine. The pelvic floor contractions increase energy and sensitivity at the base of your spine. 

This energy is sexual energy. These exercises increase your energy overall. The strength of your erections are an added bonus!

You will need to do something with this energy if you continue to practice these exercises. Otherwise, the increased sensation at your genitals will become very tense and require an outlet, i.e., you will end up ejaculating.

You can begin to circulate the energy throughout your body, transforming it from the sexual energy, to life-giving and life-affirming energy that runs throughout your body.

​Taoists call this transforming ching into chi, from the more refined form of life energy experienced in sex, which would ordinarily be spent creating another you, to the life-giving qualities of chi; to recharge yourself. 

Try this. Breathe through your nose throughout, if possible. 

​​Be sure to sit or lie down with a straight spine. 

Place the tip of your tongue on the root of your mouth, just behind your upper teeth. This will close an energetic lock and allow the energy to circulate. 

The next time you inhale, feel your energy move up your spine to your head. In the beginning, you may have to imagine it, more than feel it, but when you practice this enough it will start to build in intensity. Keep imagining it when you inhale. Now add pelvic floor contractions, a pumping of your pelvic floor, and see how much that increases the feeling in your belly. Breathe in an lift your pelvic floor as you feel the energy move up your spine. 

You might feel your balls lift gently when you draw up your pelvic floor muscles.

Now exhale and draw the feeling all the way down the front of your body, to your navel.

When you inhale again, draw the energy up the back of the body. When you exhale again, feel this energy move back down to your navel. 

​Now you’re circular breathing!

If you ever feel the energy too hard or too hot to handle, simply take a break and breathe calmly and naturally, keeping your awareness on the breath. 

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